1. I have two different projects in hand, can I apply for both the innovation and entrepreneurship category?

Yes, as long as the nature of the project qualifies for the competition, but you cannot be the team leader of both projects at the same time.

2. If I have a prototype for my project, do I have to submit it by the deadline (15/4/2024)?

The project prototype do not need to be displayed in the initial judging or submitted by the deadline. If the entry entered the final judging, the contestants must transport the project prototype to the venue for the final judging at the designated time.

3. How is the 5-year graduation period for entrepreneurship catagery calculated?

Contestants must be graduated in or after 2020, they must submit the proof of graduation for their highest education level, the calculation will be determined by the date of issue on the document.

4. When will the finalists be notified?

The finalists will be notified by email within one week (13/5/2024 or before) after the initial judging (4/5/2024).

5. I am collaborating with my friends from other university for innovation or entrepreneurship projects, can we enter the competition?

According to the regulations, the participating members of all projects can be formed from different universities, and only the university of the team leader will be the university to which the project belongs.

6. I am a student within five years of graduation, which category can I enter?

If your project have a completed business registration with the local authority registered  (Company established within 5 years). You are welcome to join the Startup or Social Enterprise / Culture & Creative Services category.

7. What is the language used in the competition?

The HK competition do not have any language restrictions, contestants can use Cantonese, Putonghua, or English to prepare their documents and showcase their project. When advanced to the nation competition, contestants are required to use Putonghua to showcase their project.

8. I study in a college in Hong Kong, am I eligible to join the competition?

All Hong Kong University and College students are eligible to join the competition.