Application – Entrepreneurship


B. Entrepreneurship

Format : PPT + *Proposal(*could be submitted after initial judging)

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 Group :
    • Entrepreneurship Proposal
      Entries who have not completed business registration with the local authority on or
      before 20th Apr, 2023
    • Startup
      Entries who have completed their business registration with the local authority registered on or before 20 th Apr, 2023
    • *Category (Entrepreneurship Proposal/Startup): Advanced Manufacturing, Information Technology, Modern Agriculture
  • Social Enterprise + Cultural & Creative Services
  • *Category (Social Enterprise + Cultural & Creative Services): Education & Training,  Tourism & Leisure, Culture & Art
Eligibility :
  • Full time diploma, higher diploma, associate’s, bachelor’s, MPhil-PhD articulated programmers, master’s or doctoral degree students.(On-job postgraduates exclusive)
  • For Entrepreneurship enrollment with registered company, welcome the Projects from Graduated ≤ 5 years or Cooperative Projects of teachers and students
No. of Participants :
  • Individual / Team Project (no restriction on the number of people)
  • Members could be from different institutes, but the institution of the team leader will represent the whole team when taking part in the Regional /National Competition